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Kices Catering was recommended to me when I needed catering for my daughter's wedding. I called Chanda and told her what I was looking for and for how many people. Chanda put together many items with lots of choices for us to chose and then she created our wonderful menu. We knew exactly how much the cost would be and for how many people it could feed with more than enough. Kices Catering and its staff is always professional, kind, respectful and attentive to their clients. So because of our experience with Kices Catering, they have become my family go to catering company for all our events or when we are just too lazy to cook and by the way, they create the best food ever.

With much love and appreciation:
Brenda D. Gordon and Family

Hello Chanda,
I just want to let you know how much we enjoyed your (Red Velvet cupcakes) and chocolate covered strawberries. It was a birthday gift that put a big smile on her face. The nuts were a nice touch. The presentation was outstanding on the chocolate covered strawberries as well as the decorative containers and bag they where placed in. The cupcakes where rich in color and tastes delicious. I was a bit nervous about the order, because at the time, I had not tasted any of your delicious foods. I must say that there was no disappointment. We certainly will be using Kice's Cakes & Catering again for future events. Thank you!!! :)  Monqueill
Hello Chanda:
I had  to let you know how much I appreciated the wonderful cupcakes that you catered for the Atlanta Lane College Alumni Association.   The entire football team enjoyed them so much that we have decided to use Kices Catering again for our Christmas Party.  Your presentation was extremely professional with each cupcake precisely decorated with care.   The members also noticed your attention to detail with the Lane College Dragon mascot placed on the packaging for the cupcakes.   I had only one problem.....Next time WE MUST ORDER MORE!.    You did an outstanding job.  Thank you again.
Marcia Oldham, Chairperson, Social Committee
"I used Kice's Catering for my youngest son's graduation open house celebration at the Detroit Historical Museum and the experience was remarkable! The food was out of this world and the service was superb.  The wait staff was very professional and serviced each guest individually. My guest were impressed with how delicious and fresh the food was. I myself still try to copy the incredible salad that Chanda herself created."
A repeat customer, Bricie Randolph
First of all, thank you for inviting me to share the dinner that you catered. I had heard about your mastery of the art, (CULINARY ART), but now, I can and will be an ambassador for you and your business. The presentation of the food made me want to take pictures of it all !!! Word of mouth has awesome power and I will definitely tell my friends, family, and associates about your business !! Godspeed to you and your endeavors.
Don Opie
Atlanta, GA
"Of course, every child claims that their mothers' foods are the best around, though I must honestly state that my mother, head chef of Kice's Catering, has used her culinary expertise to be very innovative with various recipes. I am very fortunate to have been raised not on just home-cooked meals, but on restaurant style cuisine of love and excellence." 
Son, Guy Patterson II 
"Kice’s Catering beholds a rich history, from its name on down. I’ve been a part of this company since its very beginning. I’ve been to many events catered by “highly accredited” companies that have lacked in the areas of cuisine and service, which are vital to the mission of Kice’s Catering. Things like elegant layouts, a sense of “personal” interaction with the customers, and most importantly, mouth-watering, back-for-seconds, delicious food! I don’t think there is any other business out there that can contest the quality, and even, the prices of Kice’s Catering!"
Dominique T. Patterson, Son & Employee
Kice’ Catering IS SIMPLY THE BEST !!! ... because CHANDA is to put it simply ... THE BEST. I observed and marveled at her expertise in preparing UNIQUE and different food ... she participated in two Detroit Hollywood Soul Food Events and the 1st Annual Black Women's Business Expo ... I know of several folks that were saddened to see her depart DETROIT ... her zeal and her passion for cooking in her truly unique style makes her food UNFORGETTABLE.  TRULY SHE IS MISSED !!! ... enjoy ATL ... the very best is in your midst ...
JAMES COHEN,  Detroit Hollywood
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